Including {{ in generated jekyll site

I’m using bottle (web framework) to develop my site, and I’m trying to make my template in Jekyll. Is there a way to include {{ and }} in my file without Jekyll trying to interpret it?
So, I’m trying to have this on the final page:
Thanks and any help is appreciated!

What you seek is the {% raw %} liquid filter.

{{ site.this_is_liquid}}
{% raw %}
  {{ this is not liquid }}
{% endraw %}
{{ site.this_is_liquid_again}}

Docs: Tags Filters | Jekyll • Simple, blog-aware, static sites



I often use this for an entire page. So raw at the top and endraw at the bottom.

But you can do it on a section or even line.

Jekyll 4 also has a flag you can set in the frontmatter to disable liquid on the page which achieves the same effect

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Awesome! That’s just what I need. I really appreciate this!