Which files are you uploading to publish a new post?

Hi all – When you write a new blog post, which files do you upload to your web host? Not GitHub Pages, but a conventional host like SiteGround. Is it just the post’s HTML page + the homepage + sitemap.xml? What other files would have changed?

I assume we’re not supposed to upload the whole site every time we have a new post?


I have a similar experience with uploading via FTP to non Github Pages.

When you rebuild _site directory after creating one post, then generally you only need to upload the post, the homepage (assuming that’s where posts are listed) and the site map.

But what if your site has a Blog Posts page other than the homepage or you have another page which you edit and add to link to your new post. In those cases you’d have more to update.

If speed is important to you, then use an upload method like I have in my FTP application which will only add and update files and won’t try and upload content which is already on the server and has no diff.

You can also use Github Actions to publish via FTP and secret values to your target site so you can let Github take care of the rebuild.

Interesting, thanks. How do you set up the FTP application to go off of diffs? Which FTP app do you use?

Cyberduck for mac or windows.

You’re going to have to add your account and sign and later when you reopen it can start where you left off.

When you use the upload option you’ll see Overwrite and some other choices. It explains what they do


I created an FTP user on my provider and the user only has access to public. So when I log in I see the contents of the folder and can’t accidentally break other files.

From the File menu or Actions button you can select upload,
navigate to your folder, select all (cmd + A or CTRL A),
click upload button
Then you’ll choose Overwrite or in your case Compare.

If you choose Synchronize from the File menu you’ll be able to pull files down to copy them locally but you may not care about this.