Where upload images?


I’m searching a way to upload my photo’s into my blog. Now I’m uploading them into github with all the code. Can you suggest me something better?


When it comes to images, you have plenty of options, I won’t go into details but here are some popular solutions:

  • Git LFS / Netlify Large Media / Forestry.io if you need a UI
  • Cloudinary (Free Plan)
  • Imgix

Yes forestry is nice.

You can look into Jekyll Admin as a local CMS or as Netlfy CMS with some more setup

Thank you @Frank and @MichaelCurrin.
I will take a look at all your proposals.
Can you already tell me if one of these solutions provide a ready-made slideshow with lightbox?

@lorenzoaaa The original question was for an image uploader in an admin view. That doesn’t even need Jekyll to run in some cases, to upload files to a folder.

Adding a slideshow lightbox is about presentation on the build site, which is independent of the upload tool choice so this is actually worth its own question if you need more details.

You’re going to have to lookup a plugin to install or drop in or a theme which supports that with an example… Or use the non-plugin Jekyll solution! I haven’t tried it but you download the HTML and configure your gallery with YAML so it sounds elegant. https://jekyllcodex.org/without-plugin/slider/

If you’re going to go with CSS framework like Bootstrap or Bulma (light and simpler, so I prefer it), then you can easily lookup some HTML template and load the CSS remotely so you don’t have to take care of that. If you find a Jekyll theme built on Bootstrap or Bulma you might get the slideshow/carousel built in like that.

Bulma carousel for example.

Merhaba benim kullanmış olduğum editör web sitesi.

  • Prose. io