What is bootstrap to Cayman Theme to Jekyll to Github Pages?

In my website I’m documenting how easy it was to setup the website on Github Pages using the Jekyll Theme called Cayman. However I don’t know what bootstrap and cibuild are doing and what they are used for. Note that I don’t do any local development just use github on a Linux Laptop or Android Cell Phone and click the Commit button. (like 500 times!).

BTW I do know what bootstrap is and I use it by copying Cayman’s scss to my own for changing button sizes based on @small, @medium and @large properties. I don’t see any Content Deliver Network (or whatever CDN Deliver stands for) though? Totally clueless what CIBUILD has to do with Githbub Pages though…

I’d like to ensure my website is accurate. As of November 17, 2021, the website states:

There are many open-source providers involved in the Pippim website:

  • Github Pages
  • Jekyll
  • Liquid
  • Sass
  • Cayman Theme
  • Ruby
  • Gems
  • Bootstrap
  • Rouge
  • Kramdown
  • Pippim

I will add more explanations for each product.

I need to add Github Pages whitelisted Jekyll Ruby Gems Plug-Ins to the list I guess but, I’m kind of in the dark there (as I haven’t tried any yet).

Also, at the risk of suffering the wrath for single question only evangelists, is there a flowchart or pictogram or anything of all these bits and pieces I can simply paste into my website?

Please be kind I only started web development October 16, 2021 and do it after regular working hours. I know I’m 30 years late from when I first starting thinking about doing it but, better late than never!

I believe in the adage that goes similar to You’re never too old to learn something new…!
My aunt mastered the use of touchscreen smartphone and social media over a couple of weeks at the age of 70…

Anyways, back to the topic of this thread, the bootstrap and cibuild you’re referring to are simply Shell scripts meant for simplifying the maintenance of the theme repository. You may safely delete the entire scripts directory without affecting the working of the theme.

The only directories one should ever be concerned of when using a jekyll theme are:
_includes, _layouts, _sass, assets and optionally _data.
Every other file / folder can be safely deleted as long as your role is just a consumer. Those files and folders only hold meaning to contributors and maintainers of a repository.

P.S. You should to be well-versed about the file .gitignore and .git directory.


Thanks for the distinction on consumer vs. developer. As for .git_xxx files I will be learning them soon to move 1200 _post/ files from my local machine to Github Pages without “clobbering” all the other directories, especially root (/). I haven’t learned Git’s pull, push, clone and fork yet because I’m still writing the program to convert Stack Exchange posts to Jekyll Blog Posts.