Verbose Jekyll::Site for githook

Hello all!

I have a Rake task/githook for publishing my compiled _site dir to a gh-pages branch for publishing complex sites to gh-pages that does exactly what I want:

require 'jekyll'

namespace :wax do
  task :gitpub  => :config do
    @destination = "_site" + @config['baseurl'].to_s{
      "source"      => ".",
      "destination" => @destination,
      "config" => "_config.yml"

    origin = `git config --get remote.origin.url`

    Dir.mktmpdir do |tmp|
      cp_r "_site/.", tmp
      Dir.chdir tmp

      system "git init" # Init the repo.
      system "git add . && git commit -m 'Site updated at #{}'"
      system "git remote add origin #{origin}"
      system "git push origin master:refs/heads/gh-pages --force"

My only question is: how do I make the build verbose? When you build in bash, you can just add the --verbose or -V option. But how can I achieve verbosity with ?

just add verbose: true to your config above.{
      "source"      => ".",
      "destination" => @destination,
      "config"      => "_config.yml",
+     "verbose"     => true
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Should’ve known it would be so simple. Thank you, @ashmaroli !