Use special characters in collection name


After completing the tutorial on collections I have been trying to use that feature as the main way to organise my site’s content. However I need collection names with accents in them and every time I try to create them the relevant files are not created in the _site folder.

I did search and found posts related to stripping the special characters but none regarding how to keep the characters (as far as I understood, might be wrong).

My intention is to have collections with special characters in their name, such as “Neurología” or “Reumatología” and having them displayed as such with as little workarounds as possible. Can anyone advice one how to achieve this?

It sounds like a limitation on Jekyll filenames which is understandable and acceptable I think.

You could keep the folder as plain text


And then set this on the collection or in config:

title: Neurología
permalink: /neurología/

The title is user facing so it is most important.

I would avoid using characters in the permalink, even though you can. It is not good practice as it will be garbled as a URL escaped character for the í in some browsers. As is harder to link to from other pages or when typing it.