"collections_dir" and post

I have created a “collections_dir” setting in config file and I have created a ‘collection’ folder which contains the collections. After that my posts from the site disappeared. I expected that if the “_posts” folder in the root folder, I should be able to see post, even if the collections are in a sub folder.

Here is my setup:

├─ collections
│ └─ _poetry
├─ _posts
└─ _config.yml

I can see the posts only when I transfer the “_post” folder in the specefic collection sub folder. Otherwise, I cannot see the posts on my site.

Code Sample

collections_dir: collection
output: true
permalink: /:collection/:title/

I have made this same post in Githib too.

I’m having the same problem. When I have explicitly defined ‘collections_dir’, posts are not rendered, but when I move _posts to the _collections directory, they are not rendered either.

If you found a solution I would love if you can share it :slight_smile:

Haha… so I changed my collections folder name from “_collections” to “all_collections”, then updated _config.yml, and it works like a charm. Apparently the name of ‘Collections_dir’ cannot include _ or be ‘collections’.

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everything that starts with an underscore (except special cases) is ignored by Jekyll.