Uninstall / Fix Jekyll Bundler

Followed instructions at to install on Linux mint from https://jekyllrb.com/docs/installation/ubuntu/. Because I didn’t close terminal or exit su before running gem install jekyll bundler, jekyll was installed to the wrong user account.

How can I uninstall/undo everything initiated by gem install jekyll bundler? Running gem uninstall jekyll removes the gem, but still leaves a bunch of orphaned directories in the wrong user account…

Sorry if this is unclear, I’m fairly new to all of this.

As a followup, I was able to install this in my intended user directory, but I’d still like to remove the original install from the su directory I originally installed to. Does anyone know if its as simple as rm -rf ~/gems and rm -rf ~/.gem as the su user? I’m pretty sure those directories did not exist before running gem install jekyll bundler.

I think the command you’re looking for is gem uninstall --all. That should dump all the installed gems for the su user.

Hey Brad…thanks for the tip. I’d seen that command, but I was worried that command might delete all gems, systemwide? I’m pretty sure I have other gems installed along with the operating system, or other programs (outside of su’s home folder). Really I was just looking to undo the install of the Jekyll bundler…

Yeah, if you have installed other gems using your super user account, it’ll get those too. I’d go with gem uninstall bundler. That way you’ll only zap that one.

Ok, so stupid question…
Does the command gem install jekyll bundler just install two gems, jekyll and bundler? I had assumed it was a whole slew of gems all installed under the name jekyll bundler (ie, as implied by the word bundle).
If so, this is way easier than I’m making this out to be.
Arrrghh, this is all way to much aggravation just to make a simple website. Thanks for your help.

Jekyll and Bundler are two different things. You just put them together like that when you’re writing in the terminal since there are no commas and what not

Thanks to both of you. I’m gonna mark brad’s answer as the solution, but I appreciate the your followup, MustardBT, helpful as well!