Trouble deploying to GitHub Pages

Hi all,

This is my first post here, having spend some time trying to convert my site to Jekyll. I had it working well locally, and then struck trouble when I tried to deploy to GitHub pages.

Firstly, is deploying Jekyll sites to GitHub pages the most common deployment approach?

I’m noting here that I found a good alternative to GitHub Pages. That is render. Their Jekyll Quickstart page was helpful. The only thing I had to change in the build command was to include a prefix to indicate a production environment as follows:

JEKYLL_ENV=production bundle exec jekyll build

Now I can focus on using Jekyll to write.

probably but like you found there are other ways and those may not have the limitations that GH pages has. AWS amplify works well, Netlify and Vercel are probably just as easy.

There is an issue with updates and sync.

  • Github used to have link which would you lead directly to your page - discontinued.
  • The templates used to work put they have issues with syncing or get the updates aligned.
    I think it is the ruby versions and one more dependency.

I found a template that worked: