Testing Markdown Code Fences With CI

TL:DR; I wrote a blog post on testing Markdown files

Hey People,

So I run about 10 small websites all built with Hugo. I also work at CircleCI where our marketing website and CircleCI Docs are built with Jekyll. It’s safe to say I spend a lot of time thinking about building and testing static websites.

A lot of static site testing boils down to using HTML Proofer, a great tool that tests the generated HTML (in the public directory). I wanted to focus more on ways we can add additional tests, for example by testing code fences (blocks) in Markdown files before Jekyll even does its thing. So I wrote a post.

I wrote a blog post discussing further testing you can do with Markdown files, a tool I made called Markdown Proofer, and how we found and fixed several mistakes in the Markdown for CircleCI Docs, making a better resource for everyone.

If that sounds interesting, you can find the blog post here.

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