Static files not copied to destination


I have a Jekyll site that has recently started giving me some problems. I believe it might be related to a generator plugin that I have been working on.

The plugin generates static files and writes them to assets. If I delete assets and run jekyll build the files are generated correctly but they don’t appear in _site/assets. If I run jekyll build again the plugin doesn’t generate the assets again, because they’re already there, but they do get copied to _site/assets on the second build.

Does anyone have any ideas why this would be happening? I just tried it on a fresh site, jekyll new, with only my plugin installed and I get the same issue.

This sounds to me as if your generator kicks in late, when assets have already been copied to _site/*. Maybe you can get it to run earlier via hooks, otherwise just build twice :).

Looks like you’ll have to the share your generator’s source-code for us to help you.