Don't regenerate certain folders

I have a repository containing some files for people to download and I’m displaying them using a jekyll website. These files are around 1GB and it’s in the website. The problem is that whenever I rebuild the site, it also copies all the files. So it takes around 2 minutes every time. Is there anyway to just let it keep the files without copying everytime?

the exclude config should do this:

you would then need to do something else to manage those assets, I keep them in an _assets folder and then have gulp move them to the _site folder if needed, and jekyll ignores them altogether.

Okay, but doesn’t github regenerate the site folder and thus delete the folder gulp added to it?
Do you have some code in gulpfile.js like this:

gulp.task('assets', function() {
    return gulp.src('_assets/**/*.*')

right, GH would not work if you did that, it would not work with gulp. So your complaint is the 2 minutes it takes for GH to rebuild? I guess I would just be happy they were willing to host that much for free.

That is what I do in the gulp file more or less I think.

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