[SOLVED] Tree - embedding content dynamically via collections and include files - Use Case

Hi there Jekyll builders,

(just posting / sharing here in order to challenge myself… )

While working on migrating this Travels website from Drupal 7 to Jekyll, inspired by @MichaelCurrin i’m gonna dynamically try to re-mix this 2 threads

Each travel destination offers several Itineraries to follow, say …

  • Bolivia
    ** itinerary1- Bolivia roundtour
    ** itinerary2- Andes …
    etc …

in order to achieve (Destinations / Itineraries tree …) something like …


Fractal is one of the possible answer in the Making Of … .

Here we go … jump on board at wish :rocket:
In construction.

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Okey… i’ve firstly put in place a Fractal 's playground… and experimenting with collections (rather than pages) ?, … as long as for my needs.

Thanks for the shout out.

By the way, for the CSS part you can find tab examples made using classes in Bulma or Bootstrap

Thanks for the CSS tip @MichaelCurrin , sometimes one forgets about how simple things can be done just with proper styling …

BTW, i’ve switched my approach to

  • Collections - Tags / Categories one… - Custom Variable sorting/filtering.

  • Added onto an include section, for easy scaffolding…

Like this i have all my Itineraries in _itineraries folder, and they are ‘glued’ / embedded to the given Destination upon include file where the filtering takes place. ( no Tabs in use, for now … )

The main reason of the approach switch is that ( e.g.: Andes ) some Itinieraries may be related to different Destinations (e.g.: both Argentina and Peru) : Tags / Categories - Custom Variable approach seems to provide such a flexibility.

PS: inspired by YPJL this time, here …