Set smart quotes settings for each page?

By default, Kramdown converts ‘straight’ quotation marks ‘curly’ ones. We even can set the style we want to use for that in _config.yml, which is cool. Now I want to support multiple languages and for instance have a different set of settings for French pages. Would that be possible?

Using the <q> tag looks useful. We apparently can tell Jekyll what characters to use for smart quotes, but unfortunately not to use these elements. I think this would require a plugin, unless it’s added to Jekyll itself.

One of the Kramdown maintainers confirmed there is (and will be) no way to automatically insert <q> tags. But! He suggested I can just replace “” with <q></q> on the template level!

As long as one is careful with the use of quotation marks, this works:

{{ content | replace: '“', '<q>' | replace: '”', '</q>' }}