Running jekyll as a service


I have a personal zettelkasten-like[1] notes system for which I use jekyll as a front end.

I would like to have jekyll server start up in live-reload mode as a service when my system starts up. How do I accomplish this?

I use this system on both Linux, MacOS and Windows machines.

The primary one is Linux, so I guess this is the most important one. However, it would be rather helpful to have it run as a service on all systems.

Please note this is only something that runs on localhost. I am not trying to deploy a site on the internet using jekyll server which I understand would be less than ideal :slight_smile:

[1] Zettelkasten method: Zettelkasten - Wikipedia ; or more at Introduction to the Zettelkasten Method • Zettelkasten Method

I think you just need to specify the -w param:

bundle exec jekyll serve -w