Ruby 2.5 question [never mind]

this is not directly related to jekyll. I just updated ruby to 2.5 from 2.2. Jekyll works no problem.

I use a rake file to minimize files, and that has broken. I mostly have it working, but there is a line that prints the total compression and it is giving me NaN now.

require "reduce"

desc "Minify _site/"
task :minify do
  puts "\n## Compressing static assets"
  original = 0.0
  compressed = 0
  Dir.glob("_site/**/*.*") do |file|
    case File.extname(file)
      when ".css", ".html", ".js", ".xml" #no images cause it don't work
        puts "Processing: #{file}"
        original += File.size(file).to_f
        min = Reduce.reduce(file), "w") do |f|
        compressed += File.size(file)
        puts "Skipping: #{file}"
  puts "Total compression %0.2f\%" % (((original-compressed)/original)*100)
  puts "deploying to s3"
  sh %{s3_website push}

This line: puts "Total compression %0.2f\%" % (((original-compressed)/original)*100) is the problem I think.

I see that the variable (?) is now incorrect, as is it just exits with an error saying to use double %. So I changed it to:

puts "Total compression %0.0f%%" % (((original-compressed)/original)*100)

and now it is NaN. I have tried a few different iterations of that line but get NaN on them too.

Any idea what is wrong? I think it is some sort of simple syntax issue, but I am not a ruby person so I don’t quite see it.

I think that it works fine as is, but I like seeing the amount of compression.

wait a minute, it is nuking the files so maybe NaN is correct.

This can be deleted, there was no issue.