Right way to do font size change on one markdown page?

Very new to this; sorry if this is a dirt-simple answer.

I want one page (which is described using markdown) to contain a long list of links. Compared to how the page is rendering by default, I’d like everything to be more compact: the font size smaller and the lines closer together.

Unsure if I’m supposed to override

doc-font-size: 16


$type-size-1 : 2.441em !default; // ~39.056px
$type-size-2 : 1.953em !default; // ~31.248px

or do this kind of thing:

html {
font-size: 16px; // change to whatever

@include breakpoint($medium) {
font-size: 18px; // change to whatever

@include breakpoint($large) {
font-size: 20px; // change to whatever

@include breakpoint($x-large) {
font-size: 22px; // change to whatever

or to change the markdown to tell it to use a smaller size? (it seems to be using x-large)

…and where do I do this so it only affects this one page?

For reference, the page as is: http://thams.com/wx

Thank you!!