Real estate website using Jekyll

Hello, first of all, I’m a beginner in web development, but I want to learn more.
Right now I have a real estate website running on Wordpress and I would like to know if it’s possible to run it on Jekyll while keeping all of the current functionalities such as contact forms, carousel for the recently added post, multilingual function?

The reasons I’m interested in moving it to the static site is because of the speed and security.
Please tell me and explain if I got some wrong understanding of static site or anything, I would very appreciate it because it will help me in learning :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hey vinr,

If you’re trying to preserve all (or most of) the functionality of your existing WordPress site, but also get the speed and security of a static site, you might want to check out Shifter or HardyPress.

I haven’t used either solution myself, but both look like they could help you achieve the best of both worlds while cutting down on the amount of work you’d need to do to convert your WordPress site to Jekyll.

Hope this helps!


probably, other than the form which since it would be a static site would need to be done by some sort of 3rd party like wuforms (?) or something similar.

Carousel isn’t hard, that is just css/js. Recent posts is no problem. I have not done multi lingual but there is a fair amount of info here on that - it is probably the trickiest part from my understanding.

Before you try to do all that though I would play around with just a simple site to see if you can get the hang of it. I came from a CMS and had little knowledge of web dev before then - other than via the CMS and jekyll was a great way to learn - but it was a lot of effort on my part.

Yes, it certainly would be possible to create a real estate website in Jekyll. The actual pages for the forms could be created in Jekyll but you would need something else to handle the submissions and getting the data back into the web site. Javascript could submit the form data directly to a NoSQL database or directly to an email address.

Yes you can implement all of those.

  1. Contact Forms - Can be implemented using formspree or netlify forms
  2. Carousel - Can be done using CSS/JS or using a plugin like Swiper Slider
  3. Posts can be implemented within Jekyll
  4. As for multilingual, it can be done. I don’t have personal experience doing it.