Pygments-high-contrast-stylesheets - WCAG AA passing Pygments stylesheets

I wanted to share a side project project I’ve been working on with the Jekyll community, pygments-high-contrast-stylesheets. I’ve forked pygments-css, and am working to have all the stylesheets converted to pass WCAG AA color contrast requirements.

At the time of writing this I’ve converted 8 of the stylesheets, which you can find in the root of the repo.

I set up a little landing page here with demos and more info.

I hope you find this useful.


I have used, and it has created a additional div with some extra class. Not sure how it come over there.

@yashumittal - It is not possible that pygments-high-contrast-stylesheets would have introduced an additional div into your page. This project is a set of accessible stylesheets you can use on your Jekyll site. It’s just CSS files…which means they have NO capabilities of affecting the markup of your site. Not sure what is causing that for you, but just wanted to respond here to clarify as this project couldn’t be the culprit.

The extra div has to do with a recent change in Jekyll when Rouge (what does the syntax highlighting) was updated.

See this thread for more info.

Oh! I see. Thanks for the update @mmistakes.