Provide border line in Code Cell in Jekyll

Hello everyone,

Following is mine the current form of code cell in jekyll , and I like to provide a thin border around it.

Here is the portion from my _config.yml file

  # Use GitHub flavored markdown, including triple backtick fenced code blocks
  input: GFM
  auto_ids: true
  # Jekyll 3 and GitHub Pages now only support rouge for syntax highlighting
  syntax_highlighter: rouge 
    css_class: 'highlight'
  style: :expanded # You might prefer to minify using :compressed

and here is the style.scss.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

have you played with it in Chrome’s Inspector? right click on it, Inspect, and if you are lucking it will be right on the element that you right clicked on and you can play around with the style to get what you want, then find where that goes in your css and add the same thing.

I think the code block is a <pre> ? if so, on that element you could do something like border: 1px solid black;