Propagate _data folder from theme

Hi Jekyllers,

did you run into the limitation that your theme couldn’t contribute _data files with pre-configured text catalogues to your end users? Do you want icons to be stored in the _data folder without manually copying them to your site? Do you want to store theme settings and variables in _data folder to end users let easily overwrite them? Do you want to propagate i18n files via central files in _data folder of your theme?…

If so there has been a recent discussion on a PR I originally wanted to contribute into Ben Balters jekyll-remote-theme only to get the advice to try it for Jekyll Core which I did a couple of days ago.

If you want to see this feature in Jekyll 4+, please head over to the PR, scan the dialogue between Ashwin Maroli and me and cast your vote until 31st of October.

Also feel free to share this…

Regards, Michael