Access _data folder through CMS for Jekyll

I am looking for a CMS for my Jekyll site.

Is there a CMS that allows you to makes changes to your _data folder. For example, I have a file hours.yml, the code is below. If I user, I can only access the pages.

hartford :

- {day: 'Tuesday - Friday', hours: '11am  - 10pm'}
- {day: 'Saturday', hours: '12pm - 10pm'}
- {day: 'Sunday', hours: '2pm - 9pm'}
- {day: 'Monday', hours: 'Closed'}


  - {day: 'Monday', hours: '5pm  - 9pm'}
  - {day: 'Tuesday', hours: 'Closed'}
  - {day: 'Wednesday - Thursday', hours: '5pm - 10pm'}
  - {day: 'Friday - Saturday', hours: '4pm - 10pm'}
  - {day: 'Sunday', hours: '12pm - 9pm'}

I believe Jekyll’s own jekyll-admin CMS allows you to.

This only works if you are using local host. I need to hang this off to a client. Is there any other solution?

I don’t personally have experience with using a CMS with Jekyll, but there are quite a few of them out there if you search. These are the ones I know of off hand:

I have been using Contentful. They offer a free plan based on users and content pieces uploaded. They have a netify plugin that can automate builds direct from Contenful. Contentful provides some blog posts and how-tos on Jekyll anbd Netlify integration, like this one. All content is imported as yaml into the _data directory. There are some Content Type structures that have caused import errors for me- mostly around adding Resources that cause a loop. You’ll see what I mean if you get that far. Contentful support is pretty responsive and more so if you squawk a bit. good luck.