Please delete my Talk account


Would a site administrator or moderator be able to delete my Jekyll Talk account?


You can do it yourself:

  1. Open
  2. Press “Delete My Account” button

I don’t see any option to delete my account there.

That button doesn’t show up for users that have 2+ posts

An admin/moderator should be able to help you out.

@parkr - Are you able to help me out here?

@ItsPugle I’ll take a look now and give it a try! I’ve never deleted an account before.

@ItsPugle Weird! I only see 2 options: Deactivate or Suspend your account. No way to delete it from my end either :frowning:

Hm… Would an Administrator be able to try? I found this:

So Discourse doesn’t let you delete a user account fully until all of their posts are deleted. The problem is, posts older than 60 days cannot be deleted, not even by an admin.

@ItsPugle Would you be OK if your user account gets deleted, but your posts stay and are anonymized?

What the. That’s really odd :laughing:

Yeah yeah - I’m a-ok for my posts to be anonymised :slight_smile: As long as my user account is gone, all is good! Thank you so much!

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