Password protect individual page separately


I’m working on a project with a client and they are interested in protecting individual pages using unique passwords for each. I’ve been looking around and I can’t seem to find anything about.

Is there any you can recommend?

I’m currently hosting sites using CloudCannon and Netlify - if that helps.

Thank you!

Netlify has page-specific password protection as a pro feature.

Here are my notes:

Role-based JTW. $100
Identity and 1000 users is free but restricting access to some or all pages is expensive - pro

I’ve been researching using Netlify Functions to control access to all pages on the site using user identity.

This would be free to setup using Auth0.
It doesn’t block the page itself, but you could make your page empty unless the user is authorized and you could implement your own logic perhaps in the function to check the identity of the user and which page’s data they are requesting.

Note that one could spoof the page was is requesting data from, so that is not secure, but you could control the data for that page based on user access. And have a 1:1 mapping of data and pages

Securing Netlify Functions with serverless-jwt and Auth0


Hi, any luck with password protection on an individual page?