Pagination by day? (building a schedule for my event)

Howdy! I’m building an event site in jekyll and I’m trying to figure out the best way to build out a single-track event schedule… basically something that looks at either a collection “_events” with dates in their front matter, or maybe posts tagged event (I’d kind of rather use a collection so I don’t have to filter the news blog) and then spits all the events out onto a page with events in chronological order and then paginated by day so folks can navigate through each day. Then each event would also permalink to a detail page.

So how would one separate events by day, or better yet paginate by day? I found this jekyll-based conference schedule that has stuff split into days using posts, but there’s a lot of complexity on top that I don’t need

I’m also looking for ideas on how to publish an ical feed too, but that may be above and beyond.

Thanks in advance!

It kind of seems like the way to do it would be to first filter events by year (this is an event that happens annually and we want stuff from previous years to roll off to an archive), then have a series of loops by day, and then just use some css/js to show and hide the loops by day.

So I guess my question is what does a loop by day look like?