generates page.html AND page/index.html with different templates

Hi, I created a simple page on my site; it’s from /, which I included an excerpt of below.

I build locally and push up to GH Pages, but when it goes there it rebuilds, which is dumb, but whatever. (It seems to ignore my root dir .nojekyll file.)

Anyways, what’s unexpected and inconsistent (none of this happens with other simple files in the root directory) is that it generates BOTH a /zine.html file and a /zine/index.html file, and they use two different templates! Compare with and without slash:

What could be happening here, and if you have any suggestions I’d appreciate it! Thank you!!

layout: page
title: "Zine"
date: 2023-09-16
description: Links and info about Providence Chinatown zine
sitemap: false
author: Jeffrey Yoo Warren