"Page Build Fail" on updated So Simple Theme

Hi folks,

I apologize if this is trivial, but after two days of searching and editing I am stuck. My update posts are working and loading on my site, however the Header list from navigation.yml and my _config.yml files seem to be ignored, and I can’t get my new pages to load.

GitHub reports a generic failure: " GitHub Pages failed to build your site." “Page Build Fail” Without more specifics, I am just doing line by line comparisons of @mmistakes So Simple Theme.

I cannot find what I am missing. I have deleted files, caches, folders, re-added content–nothing is updating but the posts. I have a feeling it is tied to my creation of four new collections that tried to mimick “Recipes” in the template, but I can’t confirm what went wrong.

TY for any suggestions!

Forking the So Simple repo isn’t the best course of action since there’s a lot of extraneous stuff in there meant for the bundled theme only. Most of your issues can be cleared up installing the theme using the GitHub Pages compatible method and removing theme files…

If you haven’t customized the theme files then to start I would remove the following folders and files:


Then create a new Gemfile in the root of your repo with the following:

source "https://rubygems.org"

gem "github-pages", group: :jekyll_plugins

gem "tzinfo-data"
gem "wdm", "~> 0.1.0" if Gem.win_platform?

# If you have any plugins, put them here!
# group :jekyll_plugins do
#   gem "jekyll-paginate"
#   gem "jekyll-sitemap"
#   gem "jekyll-gist"
#   gem "jekyll-feed"
#   gem "jemoji"
#   gem "jekyll-redirect-from"
# end

Then run bundle install which will install the GitHub pages gem which will give you more insight as to why your GH Pages hosted site is failing to build.

Run bundle exec jekyll build
Which gives this error: jekyll 3.8.5 | Error: The jekyll-theme-so-simple theme could not be found.
Which can be fixed by changing theme: jekyll-theme-so-simple to remote_theme: "mmistakes/so-simple-theme" in your _config.yml to use the GitHub Pages option instead as described in the installation guide.

Then just keep working through the errors. Since you have CHANGELOG.md from the theme’s repo Jekyll doesn’t like that… which you can correct by removing that file.

Liquid Exception: Syntax Error in tag 'highlight' while parsing the following markup: Valid syntax: highlight <lang> [linenos] in CHANGELOG.md

Only other thing I see that looks off is the config for collections. You have these lines:

  - collab
  - consult
  - diffract
  - resources

Which you can remove, as you properly configure them some lines further down

    output: true
    permalink: /:collection/:path/
    output: true
    permalink: /:collection/:path/
    output: true
    permalink: /:collection/:path/
    output: true
    permalink: /:collection/:path/

Thank you so much! I will be working through these edits this morning. I really appreciate the time and detail here. Love the theme btw! Wow.


PS: It all worked and cleaned up nicely, thank you!

I know this has been a while but it helped me a ton! Thanks for the solution.