Organize articles folder

I am new to Jekyll. I want to build a site from scratch.
I want to have articles which grouped into some folders.

I have navigation like this

  • name: Home
    link: /
  • name: Cook
    link: /cook.html
  • name: Blog
    link: /blog.html
  • name: Diary
    link: /diary.html

I want have folder for each menu. And if i click one of them it will show the list for each articles in that folder.

is that possible by creating folder _cook, _blog, _diary and make page cook.html, blog.html, and diary.html and do for looping?
Thank you guys

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Do you want pages to be

/cook/  # ie /cook/index.html

That would be more typical in web standards than /cook.html and /cook/abc.html mixed.

PS. Jekyll already has support for blog posts so look at Posts in the docs. A standard theme typically comes with a for loop that shows all pages on the homepage

e.g. Jekyll Blog Demo | Base for a static website blog - built with Jekyll and the default theme

Have a look at the 10 step intro tutorial in Jekyll docs

Once you understand how to setup the basic pages, you can use Collections.

You’ll be able to iterate over pages here.


And put them all on a list on /cook/


{% for p in site.cook %}
- [{{ p.title }}]({{ p.url | relative_url }})
{% endfor %}


For example I have a shows collection here

And the list page here with permalink /shows/. I put the file as _pages/ but in the root works too.


Thanks @MichaelCurrin this is what i am looking for

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