One Media folder?

I have a file structure which includes different subfolders for images and very short videos like this: assets/images/sub-folder-one, assets/images/sub-folder-two, assets/images/sub-folder-three and assets/videos. Also some favicon and logo of course inside assets/images/.

However when setting up CMS on Netlify I have to specify a media folder for uploads but I can only include one path like assets/uploads ? But in my site logic I find these images in the above mentioned directories so my question is do I need to just throw everything in one folder e.g. assets/uploads?

What you’re asking is not supported by Netlify

See media section in docs

You can upload to assets/images/uploads and then leave them there or do cleanup later to move them. Consider giving image names a prefix at least to help group them

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Oke I did some prefixing indeed and put everything inside the uploads folder and it shows the media in the cms now…

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