Storing image along with post gives me an error

I am trying to store the image used in the blog in the same directory where the blog post it, but netlify is outputting an error.


What’s the better way to fix this error?

I just want to keep the images of the specific blog under the same roof so that it’s easy to recognize which blog post uses which images.

there has been a few posts about that - if you google it you will come up with a few things - one of which is a plugin that does it:

I think it’s not the answer you want but I use a personal convention for this in a dedicated folder named /resources/YYYY-MM-DD/, you know, set the post date as the date path.

I’m using it for a while and not makes me unhappy :slight_smile:

So you mean to say you are organizing your assets by dates.

Exactly, yes.

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