Newbie: comments widget does not show up

I’m trying to build a blog based on Minimal Mistakes theme. I cloned its example, configured my _config.yml to the best of my understanding. It works nicely, but it seems that the Comments widget does not show; the tale-tell “Leave a Comment” text does not appear in the generated html. A “Comments” text does appear, which hints that comments.html was properly included.

I’m trying to use the Utterances comments provider, but my failure occurs when I choose another provider.

Can anyone tell what I’m doing wrong in my draft blog תעודת נישואים - Pupko Papers ?

can you share your _config.yml? or at least the part that show the provider option

Thank you very much for replying to my query. It ended up that I have spelled my own github name wrongly. When fixed Utterances sprang right up to action.

Sorry for the noise. But do you know if there’s somewhere that shows gh-pages errors like this to developers?