Multiple TOC Styles

Is it possible to have multiple ToC styles?

Use Case: I would like to apply different TOC based on the article. For extra long pieces, I would like to show H1 and H2 in TOC for the majority of other articles, H1 ONLY will be fine.
First Article, want to show only H1 in the TOC
Second Article, want to show H1 & H2 in the TOC

All the plugins for TOC that I’ve seen work with a global config and don’t let you set it per page/post.

You might be able to use the Jekyll-toc include though. That allows params (h_min and h_max) each time you include it on a page. So in theory you could do a TOC starting at h1 and the on another page one with h1 and h2.

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Thanks for the idea! I am going to just deal with my solo style for now.