Minimum modal image example with jekyll-now

I am trying to emulate this modal image setup with jekyll-now, but I am stuck.

My goal is to have the html embedded in md , and to have the scss and javascript part deposited in assets\css and assets\js, respectively. I already have the html and scss in place (i.e., I already get the hover effect on the image while serving locally). The last bit that is missing the JavaScript - where do I tie in the js file?

what have you tried? did you add the js file? did you link to the js file?
link to live site? repo?

there may be an issue with when you call/load the js - you may need to load it in the footer/end of the page so that the elements are actually there for it to use.

that’s precisely my question - how do I do that?

no other issues so far - it’s simply a question about implementation

you could either put it inline on that page wrapped in a <script> tag or link to it as its own file HTML script src Attribute.

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thanks, that’s what I was looking for - adding a link to the script after the html chunk did it

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This tutorial explains script tag and order of loading