Merlot Theme - Make Wider

How do I adjust the total width of the page ? I have seen this answered for other themes and have tried to implement the solutions found in those threads but with no luck.
Example: Merlot theme | Merlot is a theme for GitHub Pages.

it maybe easy or not easy - sometimes a theme may have multiple things counting on the width being set to a certain value and if you change that it will throw off other things.

That theme seems to be wrapped in a div with a class of shell and that class says the width is 670px. If you change that you can make it wider but then something else starts to get out of whack.

The browsers Inspector/Dev Tools is your BFF here, you can edit it on the fly to see what happens.

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Thank you very much for your detailed reply. I did the test of modifying the shell class as shown, and found that it broke the Merlot theme header. If there’s a way to increase the page width, it won’t be by modifying just the shell class anyway.