Markdown to HTML

I’m working on a games review site and have the following two options for a setup:

  • Using collections for more dynamic section inside of a review-post.
  • Using Front Matter arrays & objects for more dynamic seciton inside of a review-post.

Either way I’ve hit a wall where I can get the “Content” but it returns as plain text even though it is Markdown. Is there a way in Liquid or something to go from Markdown to HTML?

I’ve found the filter textilize on a few posts from back in 2010 but it seems this filter is not longer working?

Use the filter markdownify instead.
Simple example of its usage:

Front matter:

foo: "My **awesome** content."

Liquid in a layout or include:

{{ | markdownify }}

Will yield the following HTML when Jekyll builds your site:

<p>My <strong>awesome</strong> content.</p>

Thanks! markdownify was exactly what I was looking for. I just couldn’t find it anywhere.
I used the shopify docs…
You made my day :smiley: