Markdown contained in MD file does not get converted into HTML

I cannot get the markdown to parse when I build my project. I see no errors in the console and the template (*.liquid) use a simple {{ page.content }} to inject the contents of the file you see below. To be clear, I see all of the Front Matter injecting correctly into the template… but the actual Markdown in the MD file never gets converted into HTML.

FYI This MD file is not part of a Collection or a Blog Post. All of those get converted into HTML from Markdown. contents:

title: &title Create your Account
headline: Sign Up For a New Account
subheadline: Create Your Account

# Create Account
This is a placeholder for the Create Account page
### Page header

> Some quote about the content is location:

Any thoughts? Thanks for your help.

can you post a link to the repo?

Yes, no problem. Take your pick:


git clone

Thanks for your help!

I think it should be {{content}} not {{page.content}} in your layout, have you tried that?


The content of the Page, rendered or un-rendered depending upon what Liquid is being processed and what page is.

:checkered_flag: {{ content }} worked
Thank you! I appreciate the help.