Looking for example to extend what 'jekyll clean' cleans

I’m looking for any sort of example of a plugin that extends the list (if this is even possible) of the items that the command jekyll command “clean” cleans up.

I’ve got some custom tooling that pulls down and caches some ephemeral data assets that needs to be reset every once in a while and my writing team already knows to use clean first to reset if an asset problem happens, so while yes, I know I could just wrap the additional cleanup code in a script and bundle the jekyll clean with my cleanup script into a rake task or something, and retrain them to that, why not just use the already working and defined jekyll clean code, just with extra files or directories.

In a perfect world, it would be nice if we could just list the files or paths in the _config array, but as originally stated I’m also open to doing it in ruby by way of a plugin. Also, I’d rather not monkey patch the original method, call it, then mine, as that could end breaking a lot as versions change.