Linking to pages that don't yet exist

While writing, often I’ll think of a page that needs to be written but hasn’t yet been written. So, I would link to it and it would be red, then when clicked, would initiate a new page because it doesn’t exist yet.

Is this possible with Jekyll?

If not, how do you keep track of what you need to write?

That’s sadly not possible, since Jekyll is a static site generator, meaning it can’t dynamically create new pages like for example on Wikipedia. The best option I can think of for keeping track is a to-do-list or something like that.

Can’t you simply use placeholders?

<a href="#" title="Placeholder Hyperlink">Valentine's Day 2018</a>

That’s what _drafts folder is for.

_drafts are only for posts actually… Besides, one still won’t be able to link to a draft post…

@arretx I have an idea for you, why don’t you create an empty page/post ( and then reference it in your posts using name of posts-yet-to-be-created and url that points to that empty page/post.

[yet to be created]({% link %})

Simple search in your Jekyll’s folder will give you all the places you need to replace it with + if you want to validate whether you fixed all the links - just rename/remove that page and next jekyll build will blow up right at the place where it has found a broken link.

Do you think that would work for your case?

P.S. noop stands for No operation, i.e. do nothing :slight_smile: