Linking to another page in my documentation

Using MkDocs, It was easy to create a link to another page in my documentation. Am I able to do this within jekyll?

I made sure that the link to the new page was an heading. If I am on the page that I want to link to. I can see the address in the URL which is http://localhost:4000/qms_reference.html#new-features---add-a-feature-to-qms

I go to the page that I want to link from and add this:

Add New features to QMS{:target="_blank"} but I get file not found.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you.

I never heard about “MkDocs”, in Jekyll I would try
[Add New features to QMS](/qms_reference.html#new-features---add-a-feature-to-qms){:target="_blank"}
barring any typos of mine :slight_smile:

Try adding this setting to your _config.yml file:

permalink: /:title:output_ext

Now you can link to another page simply using its title. For example, if you want to link to YYYY-MM-DD-post-title, you can use this syntax:

[name of link](post-title)

This should work locally as well.

Thanks Michael. I followed your advice.

Thanks for the additional information !!