Jekyll Visual Editor for Multi Author

I was planning on setting up a website using Jekyll, but I would need multi-author functionality. I can easily do this if all my authors are familiar with markdown.

Sadly that won’t be the case and I need a Visual Editor or a WYSIWYG editor. I have looked into jekyll-admin and netlify-cms and I could not figure out if it were possible to have a multi user option. I would only want a user to be able to log in and edit or create new pages/posts. I do not want a user to be able to access or edit pages created by other users.

Do any of you know of a CMS that allows me to do this or any tips on how I can go about setting something like this up? I want to create a website for the research going on in our department at the university and I would therefore have multiple authors.

You can invite users to Forestry and Netlify CMS but no, they do not restrict users to edit content they created. Go for Django or Rails if you want level of control or make a blog based on medium or etc. where posts are owned by users.

Forestry is a CMS suited to Jekyll. Lighter to setup than Netlify CMS, doesnt need a Netflify admin url as its standalone. comes with a bunch of starters

Or create say 4 repos - one for each author. And a CMS for each

Then use a 5th repo which builds the site on schedule. And uses CI to use git submodules to pull it content from each repo as folders. Then build the site using all content
That way you have a jekyll site with access control. It just doesnt scale well for say 10 or 20 users but it is doable

Hi, thanks for replying. I wanted to wait until I was sure before I replied. I went ahead and built a simple test case with Django and it seems to be able to do what I need it to do. I can also easily implement a WYSIWYG editor for other users. Thanks a lot for the suggestion.

Great to hear. Good luck with further Django work.