Jekyll Theme Showcase! - Share your Jekyll themes


Have you built a Jekyll theme you’re proud? Then share it here! :rainbow:

Just use the following format:

Name - https://link-to-example-site-or-repository.url

A brief description of your theme, what it’s about and any interesting things your learned while making it.

Link to the repo (if applicable) -

Please follow the format above as best as you can, that way if someone from the Jekyll Community wants to create an official showcase page it’ll be a little easier to populate.



I have three themes that have been released as Ruby gems and are also GitHub Pages compatible when used as remote themes.

So Simple screenshots

So Simple -
A simple Jekyll theme for words and pictures.
Source repo -

Minimal Mistakes screenshots

Minimal Mistakes -
A flexible two-column Jekyll theme. Perfect for personal sites, blogs, and portfolios.
Source repo -

Basically Basic screenshot

Basically Basic -
Your new Jekyll default theme.
Source repo -


Beautiful Jekyll

Build a beautiful and simple website in literally minutes

Demo at

This theme is meant to be extremely easy to use so that even web noobs can use it, while still looking clean and having lots of customizable parameters. The documentation is very detailed and thorough and assumes no previous knowledge. It focuses on GitHub-pages-first so that it’s very simple to create a beautiful jekyll theme directly on the web using GitHub Pages, but also has instructions for how to use it locally with ruby.



Alembic is a starting point for Jekyll projects. Rather than starting from scratch, this boilerplate is designed to get the ball rolling immediately. Install it, configure it, tweak it, push it.



MaterialDocs -

A two-column Jekyll theme, perfect for documentation websites. It is built with Material Design Lite.


Type on Strap - New simple, responsive theme based on Type Theme.

  • Compatible with Github pages
  • Bundled as a Ruby theme gem
  • Responsive design
  • Include bootstrap and Jekyll search
  • Portfolio, tags, search page layout
  • Disqus Comments and Google Analytics support

You can see the Demo



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