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Beautiful photos, mate!

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Thanks a lot @stubrady78 really appreciate the comment. :grinning:



Awesome photos Dave!


  • It would be more awesome if there were captions under the photos informing the reader about the location the pic was shot.
  • Photography lovers would love to know the technical specs behind a pic like aperture settings / ISO settings / post-processing filters, etc…
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Hi @ashmaroli Thanks for the praise and critique, I really appreciate it.

I agree about the captions and have made a note to add more info in where possible / necessary.

I’m not so interested in posting the technical specs because I don’t think I have many (or any) photos that can’t be shot on ‘auto’ for instance. I think specifying the equipment used in a series would be handy for people though. (Almost always Canon 6D with either a 50mm f1.4 or 24-105mm f4 btw)

Again, thanks so much for looking and sharing your ideas, it’s great to get feedback.

Dave M.

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Product Designer -

I finally put up a personal site where I’m gonna be discussing product design, user research/experience, etc.

Gitlab repo -



Jekyll with PHP, bootstrap, and jquery.

Some screenshots of “My Wanna” which you guys can’t see:


Broadband info:

Traffic usage graph:



Matt Rugamas —

Tinkerer / Tech Support

A small personal site that helped me nab a job and help a few friends get started with Jekyll/Github Pages/Travis CI setup. Just started this coding journey so any critique is appreciated.

Repo —

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Looks pretty cool! Is this just a demo or something you’re really trying to do? Also, how long did the site take you to put together? Sorry to ask so many questions.

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Thanks . feels alright too :slight_smile:
something I’m really trying to do ? not sure I understand the question.
The website is for a long standing ISP, been in business for 13 years or thereabouts.
Site took me about 4 weeks, mostly fluffing about with data from the billing database for i.e. data usage, user billing info, etc etc.
The sign up forms took a while too.
The billing info for the sign up forms are stored in _data files:




Sorry my question wasn’t very clear. I’m impressed. I didn’t know you could have local ISPs like that! Your site also has a nice feeling to it - particularly the landing page on the desktop. I’m also interested in how you have have used Jekyll, PHP and JQuery together but I’m guessing you’re not going to be putting all that on a public GitHub repo! I actually made a personal website with Jekyll about 18 months ago (I was a bit of a novice then) and I’m looking to redo my site to reflect some of my learning since my first attempt. Keep up the good work🙂

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Thanks @stubrady78 :slight_smile:
Jekyll, bootstrap, and jQuery is pretty straight forward … here’s something I pieced together a while back

the PHP is also really easy, you treat it like stand alone php code.
My status page as an example:

layout: default
title: Status updates
<h3>{{ page.title }}</h3>


$obj = new simpleCMS();

$obj->host = DB_HOST;
$obj->username = DB_USER;
$obj->password = DB_PASSWORD;
$obj->database = DB_NAME;

$news_array = $obj->return_news_array();

foreach($news_array as $entry) {
    echo '
        <div class="status_post p-2 m-2 bg-light rounded">
            <h4 class="border-bottom">'.$entry['title'].'</h4>
            <footer><small>Posted on: '.date(DATE_RFC2822, $entry['date']).'</small></footer>
        <hr />

my “My Wanna” pages are more complex, but not that complex :laughing:
SQL queries etc etc . .then use jekyll to build the front pages. (templating basically)

And you are correct, no public repos for this :slight_smile:

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Soon -

A simple coming soon page template built for Jekyll.

Soon repo

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Canal Iônico -

It’s a blog where I publish about science. I migrated to Jekyll today and am loving it.
I am trying to maintain it simple. I am from Brazil :slight_smile:

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Murphy Li -

It is a product sourcing agent website build for my company. To apply boostrap layout, I’ve added boostrap reference.

I adopt steve-ngvb’s theme. Thank you so much Steve.

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Web Island Agency –

Our agency website. We are providing web design and development services. Custom design, custom theme. The website is built on top of internal UI framework.



Gardenuity –

Our client’s Ecommerce website powered by Jekyll. Applied Gulp optimization on production to speed up the deployment process. Using AngularJS to build frontend business logic, backed with RoR server application.



Matt Jones Creations -

An open source personal portfolio of tutorials and side projects. Hoping to build some really cool static sites using GitHub pages and Jekyll.

Link to repo -



Geometry Club —

Celebrating the beauty of architecture with precisely aligned photographs from around the world.

A sleek and minimal website for my architecture photography project, @geometryclub. I made use of the utility-first CSS approach (Basscss / Tachyons / Tailwind etc) Hosted on GitHub pages.



Really tidy :ok_hand:

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Thanks a lot @DavidDarnes