Jekyll serve does not use current directory css

All those files work perfectly fine when you view the page with a web browser. I see the font I want and if I change the size of the browser the page will resize, everything works exactly how I want.

Now opening gitbash or a terminal or bash if I serve the page locally it uses the gem at it’s current state as ruby has installed it. Jekyll doesn’t use my changes from the directory I am in on my HD.

When I go to I see the page as it should be, when I go to localhost:4000 I see it with the default style sheets from the caymen theme and nothing from my local files in the _sass folder is used.

How do I serve the site to preview it from my HD so I don’t have to tweak the page over and over and over and push and push and push until I get it how I want it?

Also I have read lots of docs. I have not come across the solution. I use Windows 7. Things like bundle exec jekyll serve do not work on windows. There is no bundle file. I get an error that the .bundle dirrectory could not be found.

I’m just running jekyll serve from gitbash from the cloned GitHub repo on my hard drive. I can go to localhost:4000 and I see the page just fine, but it just is not using the files I want it to, it is using the gem how it is installed using gem install jekyll-theme-cayman.

Also I want to just use the css files from the github repo my site uses and I want jekyll to use the files on the hard drive when I use jekyll serve. I don’t want to make a new theme each and every time I tweak the css files a little bit.

This is how the page looks from the web, exactly how I want.

This is how it looks from localhost:4000 and it’s not using the font and style corrections I have made.

where are you editing the css to make the change? what file exactly?

I see sass files for additional_styles.scss and adopted-styles.scss but it looks like only the adopted sass is imported?

I apologize I am simply stupid. Well not really, just not thinking or being thorough. I had not pulled in changes from a pull request someone made a few weeks/months ago. I need a big face palm pic.