Jekyll + pandoc heading identifiers

hey, i’m trying to get jekyll and pandoc set up to automatically add identifiers to heading tags, so that i can use anchor links, as per this section of the pandoc manual.

however, when i add - auto_identifiers to my config.yml, i get a compile error (unknown option) and it doesn’t work out.

any ideas for how to get this working?

no experience with pandoc, but maybe it is a config error. I would post what is in your config and the output with the error.

What you shared is manual for pandoc as a standalone CLI tool, from a quick look.

If you put

- auto_identifiers

In your Jekyll configuration it won’t know about pandoc. And it looks like you get an error because you are creating a list in your config - normally everything in the config has a key like baseurl: "/foo".

Is your plan to run pandoc over your Jekyll files as a separate step? Or did you want to use a Jekyll integration that will handle the headings as links for you?

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I don’t know if you have other pandoc needs but for headings as anchor tags there are solutions here.

This solution covered there should work across your whole site if used in a layout