Jekyll new --source flag seems to have no affect on output

The jekyll new command in the CLI has a documented --source option which says that it will change the source directory for the site. However, when I run jekyll new my-site --source ./src for instance, there doesn’t appear to be any change in the generated site. The source option in the config file is not present and no ./src directory is generated.

Could this be a bug or am I misunderstanding the purpose of the source option?

OS: Windows 11
Ruby version: 3.2.2
Jekyll version: 4.3.2
Bundler version: 2.4.10

Thanks for any help!

Could you file a bug issue for this on the repo please? jekyll new doesn’t actually support the use of --source when generating a new site.

Yes. I will create an issue in the repository. I almost started there but wanted to confirm here that I wasn’t missing something. Thank you for responding!