Jekyll collection: category page issue


I made a collection in jekyll and named it “category” (screenshot-1), that i can make pages with categories and there was an opportunity to go to the category page in the post on the appropriate category by the link + it is possible to sort by the flag and create the permalink that I need.

Here are my settings in _config.yaml and front metter from collections files

    output: true
  - scope:
      path: ""
      type: category
      layout: "category"

layout: category
tag: '1992'
flag: year
permalink: "/category/year/1992/"

The issue - when i have 21 files in collections folder, Jekyll build it about 1.089s; when i have 27 files - 15,059s; when i have 33 and above gives an error (screenshot-2) and this is not always default.html it happens index.html or error:
Jekyll liquid Exception: Failed to allocate memory in default.html/index.html


As I understand there is not enough memory to genegate build or there has some limit to files, which i can create in my collection?

Tell me please how to solve this issue I will be glad to any prompts.

no idea if this is your problem, but category is a thing in jekyll already, the way you are using it may be conflicting with it.

Can you rename your collection to something else? category is for categories in posts already so maybe it doesn’t like it.


i renamed the collection and it works good, thank you!

oh no, it looked like it was a cache:( the issue still exists

my bad, everythink works good.