Issue with Favicon & Links

Hello everyone, this is my first post!

I should first apologize that I am already asking questions. However, I have been having some trouble with my Jekyll site. I have been using the Hyde theme (courtesy of @mdo), and being the novice that I am at all of this I have been struggling with some truly basic stuff. For example, I am having trouble using the favicon I generated via GIMP. I placed the respective file in the public folder, yet the site does not seem to render it.

Furthermore, I have been struggling with the inner site links. I believe this might be connected to the first problem I mentioned~ given that the Homepage renders the old/default favicon, but the About page does not generate anything at all.

Link to Repo:
Link to website:

I would truly appreciate any pointers.

Also, could anyone recommend me some beginner tutorials for customizing the sidebar (and by extension the overall site aesthetics). :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

The baseurl option in _config.yml should be set to ‘/’ instead of being blank. The favicon and link paths are being generated without a prepended slash (e.g. public/favicon.ico), which is why they work on the home page and not on inner pages.

Regarding customizing the site, Hyde comes with 8 built in themes or you can create your own by modifying the CSS file. Check out Mozilla’s CSS tutorial if you don’t already know CSS.

Thank you for the reply! @chromatical
However, I have implemented the suggested solutions to no avail. Any idea

On the other hand, I have started to delve into the suggested ‘CSS’ tutorials and I am sure I will make great use of them. :slight_smile:

I just looked at your latest update to _includes/head.html and you added a slash to the end of the favicon path. Remove that and it should work!

Once again, thank you @chromatical !
Finally managed to make it work.

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Glad I could help! :slightly_smiling_face: