Issue/bug with permalink capitalizing output page

In two separate projects very recently Jekyll build (and serve) will output my gallery.html or pages as Gallery. I do not want the first letter capitalized. This only happens on pages named “gallery”. I use permalink front matter to set the path. Can anyone replicate this? I have updated jekyll and my bundles and this still happens. If I move the file to the root and remove the permalink front matter, it doesn’t happen.



I have a gallery.html page with permalink of /gallery/ - it was already in the root so I moved it to a folder named test, worked fine, not capitalized.

I want to say I have seen something like this but I can’t remember what it was.

Can you share a link to the repo?

maybe make a new site and see if that does it as well?

Thanks for checking! Can you try /gallery as your permalink instead of /gallery/?

It happened on two different client projects, only recently. This makes me think it’s a new bug.

I will try a brand new site and get back to you.

I just created a brand new site and the issue happens with a “” page in folder “my_pages”:

did same and it is fine:

maybe reboot?

what os?

I did jekyll new test --blank to skip the theme.

what jekyll version? mine is 4.1.1

what if it is galler or some other close variation? I know I have seen something like this, and the alphabetical order made a difference but it was years ago.

Do you have anything else open? maybe reboot, don’t open anything other than a terminal and run it and see what happens. Delete the site folder first.

I just rebooted.

I’m on Win 10.

Jekyll 4.1.1

It is exactly “gallery” not “galler” etc as you can see in the images I included. These are two established projects I am having this issue with, and new projects created for troubleshooting.

I ran jekyll build using powershell only, with nothing else running, and it still capitalized Gallery.

I’m at a loss! Thank you for your help so far, I appreciate it.