Is there a way to prvent a post from getting rendered into a separate web page?

I would like it still shows in list while with no link.

Thank you!

If you want to use the _posts model then you can just build up content on a page without a link to the page and that will serve your purpose.

Make a for loop where you use the title and the content of each post in a say a bullet list or div and just don’t put in a hyperlink to the posts.

If you really don’t want the post file from getting rendered, check the jekyll docs to see if you can turn off rendering for a specific page or paths. I am not confident though.

But you can make use of collections with a page for each “post” in a sense and you can turn rendering off for the collection in your config.

Simpler still, write all your posts in a single YAML file in _data and iterate over the content to build it up. No post pages will get rendered.

Still I don’t understand what you are trying to achieve and maybe you can explain your reasoning for not wanting the pages and what sort of content you want to end up with when rendered

Thank you so much for your always so helpful replies. I have quite a few posts that are not long enough, more like a long tweet. I doubt if they worth a separate webpage, and am considering moving them to, like you suggested, a data file. I’m still weighing the options, since what if this data file is too large at some point?

You can create a collection called _articles or something different to _posts

You can add multiple .md files in your collection with frontmatter as your data. Eg title, date, label, main_content

Then you can split your data file into those multiple files of data

And you can iterate through items in the collection. See Collections in the docs.

You can configure a collection to not render html files. Since you only care about using all the data on one page