Is Crystal use on Jekyll roadmap?

I’m just about to get into Jekyll to do something serious/useful and I had a question.

One of the things I keep reading about Jekyll (with Ruby) is slow build times for 100s/1000s of posts.
Hugo’s claim to fame (using Go) is significantly faster build times.

I was wondering if there has been any consideration to create a version that runs on Crystal, which would be considerably faster than Ruby. I suspect that would be a major undertaking, especially since Crystal hasn’t reached 1.0 yet, but just wanted to know if that had ever even been theorized/suggested.

As far as the Core Team is concerned, there won’t be a port to Crystal (or other faster languages) in the near future.
However, the community is most welcome to experiment with the idea.

One of Jekyll’s strong points is that it is extensible with plugins written in Ruby — a language with high readability and simpler learning curve — allowing users willing to add or enhance functionality to do so with minimal investment.

For reference: